Research Agenda

IT’IS USA conducts research in the following areas:

  • Assessment of the risks and safety aspects of wireless information technologies. IT’IS USA constantly and efficiently  develops and refines the experimental and analytical tools to optimize the safe application of wireless information technologies in society.
  • Research and development of instruments and devices for evaluating and monitoring the safe use of electromagnetic energy in products for industrial and personal use.
  • Research and development of instruments and devices for medical diagnostics and treatments, which use, but are not restricted to, electromagnetic energy.
  • Research and development of health support and quality of life systems.
  • Research and development of concepts and instruments for minimizing interference in electromagnetically hostile environments.
  • Research on the benefical uses of nanomaterials.
  • Research on the biophysical interactions of cells and organisms.
  • Maintenance and expansion of an outstanding research group for electromagnetic propagation, electromagnetic compatibility and interference, as well as for the design of antennas and microwave devices.
  • Establishment of alliances and collaborative networks with academic and industrial organizations with mutual interests. Expansion as the most prominent and recognized center of excellence for the safe application of wireless technologies.
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