Our Mission Statement

• IT'IS USA is dedicated to expanding the scientific basis of the safe and beneficial application of electromagnetic energy in health and information technologies.

• IT'IS USA is committed to improving and advancing the quality of life of people with disabilities through innovative research and application of emerging technologies.

• IT'IS USA is an independent non-profit research institute.

• IT'IS USA endeavors to provide a proactive, creative and innovative research environment for the cultivation of sound science/research and education.


IT’IS USA will achieve its mission and strategic goals by stimulating innovation, productivity and preeminence as follows:

• Assessment of the risks and safety aspects of wireless information technologies. IT’IS USA constantly and efficiently develops and refines the experimental and analytical tools to optimize the safe application of wireless information technologies in society.

• Research and development of instruments and devices for evaluating and monitoring the safe use of electromagnetic energy in products for industrial and personal use.

• Research and development of instruments and devices for medical diagnostics and treatments, which use, but are not restricted to, electromagnetic energy.

• Research and development of health support and quality of life systems.

• Research and development of concepts and instruments for minimizing interference in electromagnetically hostile environments.

Research on the benefical uses of nanomaterials.

• Research on the biophysical interactions of cells and organisms.

• Maintenance and expansion of an outstanding research group for electromagnetic propagation, electromagnetic compatibility and interference, as well as for the design of antennas and microwave devices.

• Establishment of alliances and collaborative networks with academic and industrial organizations with mutual interests. Expansion as the most prominent and recognized center of excellence for the safe application of wireless technologies.

Implementation Plan

• Acquire consistent and primary funding from donors, sponsors, government agencies and other foundations. Funds for projects with NDA restrictions may be accepted if there is a potential for new research areas with no NDA restrictions or for supporting other projects.

• Consistently acquire a majority of scientifically interesting exposure and dosimetry assessment projects to maintain leadership in these vital technologies.

• Actively participate in international RF safety standard setting organizations to provide the expertise of IT’IS nationally and internationally as a center of excellence and knowledge for the safe use of RF and microwave energy.

• Disseminate knowledge to experts, media and the general public through publications, participation in and organization of conferences, seminars and workshops.

• Maintain an innovative and creative research environment, teaming experts of different disciplines and providing a high-end infrastructure embedded in a large international network.

• Actively pursue partnerships for the application of wireless communication technology and RF energy to medical, diagnostic, health and quality of life devices. Optimal design services and reliable safety usage assessment will be offered to device manufacturers.

• Develop a capital reserve and IPR portfolio to maintain long-term funding.

(established 2010)


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